What our clients says

Where do we start with such a fantastic wedding?
Firstly we have to thank those who are responsible for making it happen. To our friends Simon and Julie and their two daughters Olivia and Sophia who were beautiful bridesmaids on the day. Secondly to Diego and Gabriella for their hard work and effort setting plans in motion when we were in England. We also thank them for streaming the service over the internet so that our loved ones could watch in the UK. Thirdly and most importantly we would like to thank the Mayor and the people of Oria for letting us use their beautiful town and the Palazzo Martini to fulfil our dream. We could not have wished for a more beautiful ceremony and settings to take our vows to each other. In our view everything went perfectly for us and we would love not change a single thing that took place on such a memoriable day for us. So far now we will say arrivederci but not forever because Oria will always have a special place in our hearts. We will return someday hopefully sooner, rather than later. Thank you all very much.
Amore + Ciao

Lucy & Jared